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(Free asbestos advice and reassurance for those anxious or concerned about asbestos.)

(Free asbestos CoA 2012 Regulations advice for commercial clients.)

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What is asbestos?


Asbestos is an old material that has become a modern problem, many people can have it thrust into their life for various reasons, many times it's simply a question of confirming that the property contains no asbestos materials or very low risk materials that require minimal attention. 

On the other end of the scale it can be a serious health risk, especially if there is a lot of material, it is damaged or likely to be damaged, it contains a lot of high risk asbestos fibres. Whatever the problem there is usually a solution to resolve it, always keeping within the regulations, always in a safe manner and without substantial cost.

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DOMESTIC: Competitive quotes provided for any asbestos survey types, management, refurbishment, demolition, hybrid (custom). We carry out asbestos surveys for purchase and sale of a domestic property and provide an honest assessment of the materials found, including detailed guidance on recommendations and options for safely dealing with the materials (ignore, paint, manage, remove). 

COMMERCIAL: We can also quote for commercial asbestos surveys for sale/lease, refurbishment, Installations, insurance renewal, health and safety review, CoA 2012 legal compliance, 'Asbestos Management Plan' (update or upgrade). Call to discuss what type of service you require from a quick presale shop survey to ongoing corporate asbestos management of a large industrial site.

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How much does an asbestos survey cost?

What is an asbestos survey? 

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Some of our more popular asbestos services:


Asbestos surveys of houses for major refurbishment or development demolition

Asbestos surveys of houses based on homebuyers survey (asbestos is mentioned)

Asbestos surveys of communal areas or common areas of flats etc including external materials

'Duty of Care' (CoAR 2012) reports for commercial properties - Management - Refurbishment - Demolition

'Duty of Care' (CoAR 2012) reports for industrial sites - Management - Refurbishment - Demolition

Short notice asbestos surveys available - out of hours working is always possible

Same day asbestos survey results / verbal assessment of findings

All surveys are tailored to suit the type / size of building and legal requirements

Specialist in 'hybrid'  domestic/commercial surveys - part planned refurbishment - part management

Automatic cost reduction for 'no asbestos found' surveys (paper exercise for legal compliance)

Asbestos repairs (encapsulation), removal of low risk items and asbestos labelling also carried out


All surveys carried out in accordance with the revised Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

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