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Asbestos surveys, what do you get for your money?

A fair question, from us, you will get a low cost professional, experienced and informative service.

You may have a house that you plan to refurbish or the homebuyer report 'mentions' there may be asbestos present in the building and you are concerned about safety and cost. For commercial buildings we provide the safety information and guidance that will form your 'asbestos management plan' as required by the regulations.

It's true many of the reports, inspections, checks, are simply a 'paper exercise' because the building is too modern to contain any asbestos, but falls within the HSE timeline for buildings requiring an asbestos survey (pre 1999). These are priced accordingly.

Legal Compliance

An asbestos survey is a legal document and must contain certain information  to comply with current regulations, commercial

asbestos surveys are a legal requirement for commercial properties built before 1999, failure to comply could result in unlimited fines.

 They are important in both domestic and commercial environments as the survey report is to be used to help protect everyone in the

 building from a material that can cause cancer simply by breathing in the invisible fibres.


Here is a simplified list of the information required and that we provide in our reports: 

Site Details: clients details, instructing party, building description, building layout, survey date, survey type, surveyors details.

Samples: material usage (eg fire break),  material type (cement, board etc), material surface (sealed unsealed), material density

 (friability) material amount, material location (1st floor etc), material  location (room), material location (high low etc), material condition

(damaged / good)., material location risk (risk of damage), area occupation level, occupation frequency,  occupation duration, asbestos

 content, asbestos fibre type, UKAS sample analysis certificate.

Recommendations: All the above information is used to give each asbestos sample a score in terms of risk  which gives clear indication which

materials are high risk that need to be sealed, protected, labelled and generally treated with suitable respect and which materials

can be simply  left alone without risk of causing any harm and subject to an annual inspection.

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We don't just hand over the survey and leave at that, we offer a continued advice service for all clients.

You will get an easy to understand report backed up by a free advice helpline.