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Asbestos materials, pictures of asbestos, asbestos products, asbestos in buildings, photos of asbestos, asbestos found in surveys

All images copyright of Kent Surveys and are not to be used without permission. All information presented here is for general information on asbestos containing materials only and is not to be used as a basis for any asbestos related work including asbestos remediation and/or removal. Uncontrolled disturbance and exposure to asbestos fibres can cause cancer!.

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Asbestos fire protection of steelwork in small factory copy.jpg Asbestos coated ceiling panels in factory unit copy.jpg Asbestos cement wall panels.jpg Encapsulated_asbestos_pipe_insulation_above_suspended_ceiling_in_Office.jpg asbestos in storage heaters copy.jpg
Unsealed asbestos pipe insulation (and unsealed asbestos ceiling) copy.jpg Damaged and poorly sealed asbestos insulation in offices copy.jpg Asbestos board fire break above garage door copy.jpg AIB outer lining of small lift shaft.jpg Asbestos boarding in old office radiator covers copy.jpg
AIB lined service riser (sealed shut).jpg Asbestos boarding around flue pipe.JPG Asbestos AIB lift motor fire protection (damaged).jpg AIB ceiling (from above).jpg Asbestos heat protection on iron holder copy.jpg
Asbestos board lining to electrical cupboard (and door) copy.jpg Asbestos insulation board ceiling panels copy.jpg pump_set_with_damaged_asbestos_pipe_insulation.jpg Encapsulated and labelled asbestos pipe insulation copy.jpg Asbestos boarding fire protection behind heater.JPG
Damaged AIB fire break in small commercial unit.jpg Asbestos insulation board partition in factory copy.jpg AIB damaged basement ceiling (unsealed).jpg Asbestos AIB lined extract ducting in nightclub.jpg Diamond pattern asbestos cement roof tiles.JPG
Asbestos acoustic paper in nightclub copy.jpg AIB ceiling hidden by overcladding with plasterboard.jpg Asbestos AIB cladding to stairwell partitions.jpg Asbestos pipe insulation in hotel linen cupboard.JPG Asbestos insulation board around extractor fan copy.jpg
asbestos insulation calorifiers.jpg Asbestos insulation board ceiling tiles copy.jpg Common asbestos cement domestic and commercial boiler flue copy.jpg Asbestos board lining loft void door.JPG AIB asbestos house soffit.JPG
AIB asbestos loft hatch.jpg Asbestos cladding on serving hatch door copy.jpg scan000b5 copy.jpg danger_asbestos_materials_label.jpg sample asbestos certificate of analysis.jpg
f784_3.JPG f4ec_3.JPG Asbestos cement clad small unit.JPG Asbestos cement patio planters.JPG AIB fire baffle in factory1.jpg
weathered asbestos cement showing exposed fibres .jpg Broken asbestos cement sheeting showing exposed Chrysotile fibres.jpg Asbestos board fire protection of ceiling flue (asbestos) copy.jpg HSE tradesmen asbestos poster.jpg AIB wall boarding in corridor.jpg
AIB soffit on commercial unit.jpg f2d0_3.JPG Asbestos cement flue and cowl.JPG ground floor rear bay window risers and radiator pipework.jpg Asbestos found in sink pads - low risk.jpg
Damaged asbestos insulation board showing exposed fibres.jpg Asbestos AIB panel behind gas fire.JPG Asbestos boarding fire baffle.JPG Asbestos cement broken roof tile showing Chrysotile fibres.jpg asbestos cement ceiling.JPG
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