Kent Surveys Asbestos Gallery - Asbestos materials commonly found in houses, offices and shops etc.

Photos of materials found in surveys that contain asbestos, although the gallery contains a lot of pictures.

This is only a small selection of the actual number of products asbestos was used in.

Kent Surveys Asbestos Materials Gallery survey photos

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Kent Surveys - Asbestos Materials Gallery 

 Asbestos Identification Gallery - What Does Asbestos Look Like?

All images copyright of Kent Surveys and are not to be used without permission. All information presented here is for general information on asbestos containing materials only and is not to be used as a basis for any asbestos related work including asbestos remediation and/or removal. Uncontrolled disturbance and exposure to asbestos fibres can cause cancer!.

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Operatives working in airtight enclosure with airlock Industrial road service trench asbestos lagged pipes
Common asbestos bitumen sink pad.JPG Domestic asbestos vinyl floor tile sample Asbestos removal operative checking material.JPG View of asbestos enclosure showing asbestos removal.JPG Asbestos lagged pipework in road service duct.JPG
Encapsulated and labelled asbestos pipe insulation.JPG AIB panel on under-stair cupboard.jpg Asbestos cement barrel roof .jpg Asbestos cement vertical hanging tiles.jpg Sealed and labelled asbestos pipe insulation.JPG
Commercial asbestos insulated heating system.jpg Asbestos gas inlet gasket.jpg AIB_asbestos_covered_loft_hatch.jpg asbestos coated ceiling softboard panels.jpg Asbestos ceiling board AIB of cleaners cupboard.jpg
AIB clad asbestos office fire door (quite common).jpg Asbestos fireproof steelwork cladding commercial.jpg Asbestos cement balcony and roof floor tiles 2.jpg Asbestos fireproof window putty (Amosite).jpg Damaged AIB asbestos ceiling boards.jpg
Asbestos rope commercial boiler door seal.jpg AIB asbestos service duct fire protection.jpg Domestic asbestos cement external flue.jpg AIB cupboard door lining (firedoor).jpg Asbestos cement ceiling in basement (unsealed).jpg
AIB asbestos commercial soffit unsealed.jpg Severly damaged asbestos insulation on calorifiers.jpg Asbestos cement ceiling under plaster.jpg Asbestos rope insulation (100% Chrysotile) on ships pipework.jpg Old switchgear may often contain asbestos components.jpg
Damaged asbestos coating on large industrial vessel.jpg Asbestos cement water tank used as planter.jpg AIB Asbestos wall boarding in factory.jpg Commercial boiler bestos gaskets AIB and rope.jpg Asbestos cement clad bus garage after storm!.JPG
AIB large asbestos fire baffle in factory.jpg AIB asbestos cupboard lining panels.jpg AIB asbestos wall boarding on communal stairwell (flats).jpg AIB asbestos garage ceiling.JPG Asbestos in factory main gas inlet gasket.jpg
Asbestos cement fascia (painted).jpg AIB asbestos ceiling from below (sealed).jpg Contaminated roof space of factory after roof replacement!.JPG Stacked asbestos cement sheets in farm yard.jpg Asbestos toilet cistern Amosite (brown) content.jpg
Asbestos cement water tank.jpg Asbestos rope insulation on generator exhaust.jpg AIB bevelled asbestos ceiling tiles.jpg Asbestos fireplace infill panel AIB.jpg asbestos bitumen damp course (vertical expansion jointl).jpg
Severly damaged asbestos cement (debris).jpg Asbestos boarding house soffit.JPG AIB asbestos plain wall in factory.jpg Asbestos cement balcony tiles.jpg Asbestos bunson burner pads in lab.jpg
Asbestos survey reinspection sample history.jpg Asbestos dust and debris contaminated cable trays.jpg Kent Surveys sample asbestos survey report page.jpg Total destruction of asbestos cement clad building.jpg Asbestos cement sheets under roof tile overhang.jpg
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