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Asbestos materials, pictures of asbestos, asbestos products, asbestos in buildings, photos of asbestos, asbestos found in surveys


All images copyright of Kent Surveys and are not to be used without permission. All information presented here is for general information on asbestos containing materials only and is not to be used as a basis for any asbestos related work including asbestos remediation and/or removal. Uncontrolled disturbance and exposure to asbestos fibres can cause cancer!.

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Old asbestos cement curved sheets.JPG Exposed asbestos fibres in damaged fire protection board.JPG Asbestos boarding used for fire-proofing in archive store .JPG Double layer asbestos cement commercial roof .jpg Common asbestos cement garage roof.jpg
Asbestos cement capping to roof ridge.jpg Damaged industrial asbestos pipe insulation (walked on).jpg Commercial Asbestos Warning Label.jpg Damaged asbestos pipe lagging (significant contamination!) .jpg Asbestos cement clad bungalow (all walls).jpg
Asbestos cement wall capping.JPG Damaged asbestos pipe insulation in commercial basement.jpg Asbestos content in older textured coatings (pre 1999).JPG Asbestos cement balcony/roof floor tiles.jpg Asbestos cement ceiling in hotel basement.jpg
Asbestos bitumen damp course .jpg Encapsulated commercial asbestos rope caulking.JPG Asbestos pipe insulation in poor condition.jpg Damaged asbestos insulation on old boiler room pipework.jpg Asbestos firebreak behind cinema screen.jpg
Multiple asbestos insulated pipes in refinery plant.jpg Working asbestos cement water tank in loft.jpg Asbestos cement fire protection in loft.jpg An asbestos cement bungalow.jpg Asbestos acoustic paper in cinema copy.jpg
Asbestos (AIB) clad fire door unsealed and showing damage.JPG Asbestos rope gasket in old stove.JPG Asbestos floor tiles in shop (low risk).jpg Asbestos brakes shoes on lift (elavator) motor.jpg Asbestos cement sheet in chimney alcove.JPG
Asbestos slipway winch brake shoes .jpg Internal commercial fire break cladding.jpg Woven asbestos (100%) fuse flash guards.jpg Asbestos cement cladding to hotel basement.JPG Asbestos materials in office window heater vents.jpg
Asbestos cement panels under classroom windows .jpg Asbestos cement hanging tiles on modern building .jpg Blue asbestos underfloor pipe insulation (damaged by client!).JPG Asbestos rope in stove AGA lids.JPG Asbestos electric fire plinth.jpg
Asbestos pub hatch fire protection AIB.jpg Commercial asbestos AIB soffits.jpg Domestic asbestos external boiler flue.jpg Asbestos content in floor tiles and bitumen adhesive.JPG Asbestos floor tiles on canteen floor.JPG
School boiler room unsealed asbestos fire door .jpg Unsealed asbestos pipe insulation.jpg Asbestos insulated small commercial boiler.jpg Asbestos paper (100%) floor backing.JPG Ship_main_engine_exhaust_
Asbestos pipework insulation minor damage.jpg Asbestos bevelled ceiling tiles slight damage .jpg Asbestos boarding around school external heater inlet.jpg Asbestos boarding side walls to electric cupboard.jpg Asbestos lagged heating system layout in large old house.JPG
Asbestos insulation board ceiling tiles in restaurant.jpg Asbestos rope used in office safe door.jpg Asbestos cement roof tiles (modern).jpg Asbestos rope insulation on ship's pipework.jpg Asbestos in Aartex ceilings.JPG
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